This blog is dedicated to Women struggles in Europe these days. It reports experiences of struggles that the Feminist Caravan met on its road, crossing all Europe from 6th of March in Kurdistan until 17th of October 2015 in Portugal.

After 212 days (7 months) on the road, 163 feminist public events all over Europe, 147 artistic feminist events and 89 protests in the streets. With the involvement of more than 1000 women everywhere, with the participation of over 30.000 people at these events…

On the map above, you can see our road and the many stop-overs the Feminist Caravan had. Local stop-overs were organised by local collectives, either coordinations of the World March of Women, or local groups who answered the Call (read it here).

One of the aim of the Caravan was to document women struggles (see about other aims there). This work of documentation takes a long time, and the articles, video and sounds on the blog don’t report all experiences met on the road. We will continue to feed this blog in the coming weeks and months. Please be patient and visit often !


BECAUSE there are too many oppressions dividing women and women’s struggles world-wide and we must connect our struggles, demands, realities and strategies across the local, regional and global spheres!

BECAUSE there are not enough resources available to us as women to learn our HERstories of oppression and resistance, and we must document our own lives in order to resist together!

BECAUSE we must make visible alternative ways of life and resistances against capitalism and patriarchal reality created by women, saying high and loud that Another World is possible.

BECAUSE poverty, xenophobia, racism, increased loss and dispossession of our rights, austerity, and the rise of fascism make women’s lives unlivable, and we must connect these intersecting oppressions in order to link and strengthen our resistances and liberation struggles .

BECAUSE our diversity is our strength. We must continue to work in solidarity, communicating our feminist alternatives to the world and to the sisters of our movement, building our networks and strengthening our alliances and our feminist political practices.

**No one is free until all women are free!**

In resistance to patriarchal violence, often perceived as natural and legitimate, and further aggravated by inequalities of class, race and nationality we intend to build a feminist solidarity-based economy, one that alters existing patterns of production and reproduction, distribution and consumption, in addition to recognizing and appreciating domestic and care work as crucial to the sustainability of human life.

We connect women’s struggles with the struggle for food sovereignty. We declare that women’s self-organization is our strategy for strengthening women as political actors and building a global force in alliance with social movements that share our anti-capitalist and anti-patriarcal fight for a society based on the values of freedom, equality, justice, peace and solidarity.

The Caravan will use our realities as women across all age, race and class difference to connect and link women resisting against misogyny, austerity, fascism, patriarchy and all forms of violence against women, including poverty, in Europe.

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  1. motte- sapaly nicole

    continuez j ‘agis dans ce sens depuis mes 21 ans soit 48 ans d’ ‘actions, en ce moment nos pensions sont les plus faibles nos moyens d’agir plus compliqués. solidarité c’est la force de communication, de travail, de résistance que nous avons.


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