Lesbian Thank you from Lepa & Myriam !!!

Dear lesbians from the Lesbian March and Lesbian Spring in Belgrade and Feminist Caravan

Yesterday we have made another step in the history of lesbians in the world.  Lesbian March in Belgrade is a dream come true, despite the lesbophobic state that surrounds us.  Despite the special police we danced and rejoiced together our lesbian lives from so many places.

We understand that process of making Lesbian Spring and Lesbian March is possible because of the particular lesbian comradeship that is exchanged between lesbians in the Belgrade team and as well between Belgrade team and internationals.  Thank you! Thank you for your vision, thank you for the craziness to imagine lesbian march in the midst of nationalist country! Thank you also for the beauty and joy of this revolutionary action!  Lesbian sisterhood is happiness.

Congratulation for all your lesbian energy, feminist persistence and courage with which you brought a change of rebellion to our lesbian community.  Another pearl of these four days is the lesbian safe space that you  have invented which made many new encounters between lesbians possible, one of them being the two of us who recognized the warmth and inspiration of lesbian friendship in each other

Lepa & Myriam

Spring will never be the same for us all

Belgrade, 20th of April 2015

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