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“They’re right to be afraid : this is only the beginning!”


The Feminist Caravan met the Campus Witches in Antakya in March 2016. This article is a translation of the one published in Lower Class Magazin. You can find it here “THEY’RE RIGHT TO BE AFRAID: THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!” APRIL 3, 2016: An interview with activists from Campus Witches (Kampüs Cadıları) On Tuesday, a group of feminists from Ankara… Read more »

Francesca Esposito – About migrant women in Italy

italy migrant demonstration

Interview of Francesca Esposito – Roma, September 2015 Francesca told us about the situation of migrant women arriving in Italy, about violence they face, and what are the actions of italian feminists to support them and denounce the violence. sound…. The Feminist Caravan went to the protest in Roma, in solidarity with migrants and refugees. Here is the feminists inside… Read more »

Feminist Caravan in Notre Dame des Landes – Photos


The Caravan went to Notre Dame des Landes in june to meet women feminist activist there. We were hosted in the women only house in the ZAD. You can find more information about this struggle on this 2 websites :

Documentary “Mothers Strike” – Poland

A work done by Feminist think Tank to document women struggle on housing. This documentary was shown during the LOF Camp and discussed. Documentary on a single mothers’ hunger strike in Wałbrzych, Poland in May 2008. After the closure of local companies and the slashing of 25,000 jobs a Free Trade Zone was established in Wałbrzych in the year… Read more »

ITW of Azra, young activist from Tuzla, Bosnia & Herzegovina


Azra Jasarevic is a young activist from Tuzla with whom we talked about the position of young women in Tuzla, including unemployment, migration, and ways of resistence and possibilities for change. Azra is 28 years old and a journalist. She also completed the film academy, but she is unemployed, like most young people in Tuzla, and she has never been… Read more »