Beyond Borders Performance in Sofia

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Beyond Borders: Linking Our Stories started as a peace-building initiative between  Turkish and Armenian women in 2012. The group has used storytelling, non-verbal communication, body-movement and performance art as methods to build trust and solidarity among women across the closed Turkish-Armenian border. Beyond Borders

In the spring of 2015 the group joined the Feminist Caravan in Bulgaria and shared their methods with the Caravan group, as well as held a short performance at the Adelante Social Center in Sofia.

This performance was an improvised part of the non-verbal performance created in Aghdzq, Armenia in 2014. It dealt with themes of borders: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The Beyond Borders group strongly believes that borders erected in the name of patriarchal notions of nation and state cannot protect anyone, especially women. The basis of peace therein lies in resisting the power that targets life.

This video was recorded by Myriam Fougère and edited by Kara Leva.

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