How to Make a Safe Playground

safe playground

To make your 안전놀이터 for children to play, you must follow a few rules. First of all, you must have sturdy equipment and cushioned surfacing. Also, you need to maintain your equipment regularly. Moreover, you must also supervise your children at all times. Children should never play on equipment that may cause an injury.

Here Are A Few Important Tips

You must also carry a first aid kit to help you treat minor injuries. This kit should include adhesive bandages, antibiotic ointment, topical cream for bug bites, and ibuprofen. You should also bring tweezers for splinters. Another useful item is sunscreen. You can also make insect repellent at home and store it in a portable container.

You must also make sure that all playground equipment is properly maintained. Before allowing kids to play on it, inspect it for debris and excessive wear. Also, check for sharp points, nails, and bolts. Also, make sure that children wear appropriate clothing and shoes. Also, make sure that all slides and swings are age-appropriate and that the playground doesn’t have a lot of obstacles.

If you are planning to put a playground in your community, make sure that the surface is durable. The materials should not be soft, as they can cause injuries to children. Besides woodchips, you can use rubber mulch, loose-fill rubber, or shredded rubber. You can also install rubber tiles, rubber mats, and poured-in rubber. However, you should avoid using concrete, asphalt, dirt, or grass for your playground because they are dangerous to children.