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The Feminist Caravan in Hunsrück’s festival


This year activists from the Feminist Caravan had opportnity to attend the last Intercultural Women’s music festival in Hunsrück, in Germany. The first festival began in 1994 and it continued to live for 20 years being organized every second year. For everyone who has ever been in Hunsrück it is clear that it is a celebration by and for women… Read more »

Lesbian Thank you from Lepa & Myriam !!!

Dear lesbians from the Lesbian March and Lesbian Spring in Belgrade and Feminist Caravan Yesterday we have made another step in the history of lesbians in the world.  Lesbian March in Belgrade is a dream come true, despite the lesbophobic state that surrounds us.  Despite the special police we danced and rejoiced together our lesbian lives from so many places…. Read more »