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Feminist Caravan in Notre Dame des Landes – Photos


The Caravan went to Notre Dame des Landes in june to meet women feminist activist there. We were hosted in the women only house in the ZAD. You can find more information about this struggle on this 2 websites :

ITW of Azra, young activist from Tuzla, Bosnia & Herzegovina


Azra Jasarevic is a young activist from Tuzla with whom we talked about the position of young women in Tuzla, including unemployment, migration, and ways of resistence and possibilities for change. Azra is 28 years old and a journalist. She also completed the film academy, but she is unemployed, like most young people in Tuzla, and she has never been… Read more »

The Feminist Caravan in Köln

Fem Van   Wednesday October 14th, 2015   No Comments on The Feminist Caravan in Köln

From 13 to 18 July we were in Cologne, where we took part in a very varied program of activities and events. The first public event and a very special occasion was the presentation of the new edition of Maria Mies’ book Patriarchy and Capital, translated into many languages since 1986 when it first came out. This famous feminist activist… Read more »

Ahmetler Women fight

Fem Van   Tuesday October 13th, 2015   No Comments on Ahmetler Women fight

Struggle of peasants of Ahmetler Village. On this morning of 12th of March, the Feminist Caravan is on its way to Antalya, but before getting to the city, a stop is planned in the village of Ahmetler. When the buses entered the road leading to Ahmetler, more than one of us changed seats not to be too afraid of the… Read more »

Interview of NICOLETA VISAN, member of the evicted community “Vulturilor 50”, Bucharest

claca 2

During our stopover in Bucarest, we had the chance to meet some members of an evicted community, who is resisting in the streets of Bucarest, organized in a camp, waiting to be allocated to a decent home by the municipality. This community is known as “Vulturilor 50”, the name of the street where they used to live before the evacuation…. Read more »

World March of Women in Solidarity with Vio Me !


The Feminist Caravan was in Thessaloniki in March 2015. We met the Vio.Me workers and the members of the solidarity committee: we went to their street action and sale, we supported them in court and we visited their factory. Friday 20 March – selling products and informing people in the street Monday 23rd March – The trial This Monday morning… Read more »

Manifest read by KJA Ecology Commission in the Talaytepe City Forest in Diyarbakir (Amed) on 9th March after the planting trees activity.


Manifest read by KJA Ecology Commission in the Talaytepe City Forest in Diyarbakir  (Amed) on 9th March after the planting trees activity. . To press and public opinion: As KJA (Free Women’s Congress) Ecology Commission, we are saluting World Women’s March delegation and all the proletarian women here. We are now in Talaytepe and this area is one of the… Read more »