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The Feminist Caravan in Hunsrück’s festival


This year activists from the Feminist Caravan had opportnity to attend the last Intercultural Women’s music festival in Hunsrück, in Germany. The first festival began in 1994 and it continued to live for 20 years being organized every second year. For everyone who has ever been in Hunsrück it is clear that it is a celebration by and for women… Read more »


Fem Van   Thursday October 8th, 2015   No Comments on Aquelarre

When the Feminist Caravan had a stop-over in Montreuil, we met with the women of Aquelarre, who performed a show at “La Parole errante”, for the coming of the Caravan. AQUELARRE is the name of a group who support projects for autonomy of women, mostly in Columbia. Its means for so are diverse (conference, cumbia music, performances). To know them… Read more »

Antonia Bruja’s song in Mauthausen

Fem Van   Wednesday October 7th, 2015   No Comments on Antonia Bruja’s song in Mauthausen

On the 8th of may, the Feminist caravan was in Mauthausen Concentration Camp (find more information about this event here). Feminists from Vienna played this song from a poem of Antonia Bruja, as a great memory of her and women resistance. Antonia Bruja was an inmate in prison before going to Ravensbrück women concentration camp. She wrote this poem in… Read more »

Beyond Borders Performance in Sofia

Fem Van   Saturday September 26th, 2015   No Comments on Beyond Borders Performance in Sofia
Beyond Borders

Beyond Borders: Linking Our Stories started as a peace-building initiative between  Turkish and Armenian women in 2012. The group has used storytelling, non-verbal communication, body-movement and performance art as methods to build trust and solidarity among women across the closed Turkish-Armenian border.  In the spring of 2015 the group joined the Feminist Caravan in Bulgaria and shared their methods with… Read more »