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Evening in Adelante, Sofia

Fem Van   Wednesday October 7th, 2015   No Comments on Evening in Adelante, Sofia
Adelante Center, Sofia

Evening in Adelante, self managed social-center in Sofia Not enough time was available for us to spend and share with Bulgarian activist women, but a fruitful public event was organised in Adelante, a self-managed social center in Sofia. The center offers various political and cultural activities, as well as support for migrants, language courses, etc. At this center you can… Read more »

Witches of campus – Kampüs Cadıları


On March 10, 2015, the Feminist Caravan was in Antakya, Turkey With their big, pointed purple hats and their feminist chants, the Campus Witches (Kampüs Cadıları in Turkish) do not go unnoticed in the demonstration’s procession. We set off to meet them. Kampüs Cadıları is an organization created by female students to enable women to self-organize, shed light on and… Read more »

Women’s solidarity venue

Fem Van   Sunday August 16th, 2015   No Comments on Women’s solidarity venue

In Thessaloniki, the Caravan met women from the Women’s solidarity venue. Here is an interview made by the World women’s conference. Voula Taki is one of the feminist activist that create this women house. Source Greece: Interview with Voula Taki Our readers are very interested in the mood of the people in Greece. What is your opinion on the blackmailing… Read more »

World March of Women in Solidarity with Vio Me !


The Feminist Caravan was in Thessaloniki in March 2015. We met the Vio.Me workers and the members of the solidarity committee: we went to their street action and sale, we supported them in court and we visited their factory. Friday 20 March – selling products and informing people in the street Monday 23rd March – The trial This Monday morning… Read more »

Lesbian Thank you from Lepa & Myriam !!!

Dear lesbians from the Lesbian March and Lesbian Spring in Belgrade and Feminist Caravan Yesterday we have made another step in the history of lesbians in the world.  Lesbian March in Belgrade is a dream come true, despite the lesbophobic state that surrounds us.  Despite the special police we danced and rejoiced together our lesbian lives from so many places…. Read more »