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Francesca Esposito – About migrant women in Italy

italy migrant demonstration

Interview of Francesca Esposito – Roma, September 2015 Francesca told us about the situation of migrant women arriving in Italy, about violence they face, and what are the actions of italian feminists to support them and denounce the violence. sound…. The Feminist Caravan went to the protest in Roma, in solidarity with migrants and refugees. Here is the feminists inside… Read more »

ITW of Azra, young activist from Tuzla, Bosnia & Herzegovina


Azra Jasarevic is a young activist from Tuzla with whom we talked about the position of young women in Tuzla, including unemployment, migration, and ways of resistence and possibilities for change. Azra is 28 years old and a journalist. She also completed the film academy, but she is unemployed, like most young people in Tuzla, and she has never been… Read more »

Hunsrück women community

Fem Van   Wednesday October 14th, 2015   1 Comment on Hunsrück women community

When I landed in the Frankfurt Han airport I wasn’t expecting to discover the fantastic HERstory that surrounded that place, where the last edition of the Women’s Music Festival would take place on 24, 25 and 26th of July, as one of the Caravan stopovers organized by women and women groups, along with the German national coordination of the World… Read more »

Interview of NICOLETA VISAN, member of the evicted community “Vulturilor 50”, Bucharest

claca 2

During our stopover in Bucarest, we had the chance to meet some members of an evicted community, who is resisting in the streets of Bucarest, organized in a camp, waiting to be allocated to a decent home by the municipality. This community is known as “Vulturilor 50”, the name of the street where they used to live before the evacuation…. Read more »

Back from the feminist camp

Fem Van   Sunday October 11th, 2015   No Comments on Back from the feminist camp

The feminist camp in Poland lasted for 6 days, from August 2nd to August 8th , and gathered 47 participants from 7 European countries (Poland, Germany, Serbia, France, Portugal, Finland, Czech Republic out of which also migrants from Syria and Brazil living in EU). During this time we had 6 days of discussions and workshops about the feminist analysis of… Read more »

Barbara’s trip in the caravan

Fem Van   Wednesday August 26th, 2015   No Comments on Barbara’s trip in the caravan

Barbara joined the Feminist Caravan from Izmir to Thessalonikki. She was almost at the end of her own trip :  a bicycle tour around the world, more than 3 years of travel ! She lives in the caravan about 2 weeks and she wrote few articles about her life with us : The caravan in Izmir (Turkey) 2 weeks in… Read more »