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Documentary “Mothers Strike” – Poland

A work done by Feminist think Tank to document women struggle on housing. This documentary was shown during the LOF Camp and discussed. Documentary on a single mothers’ hunger strike in Wałbrzych, Poland in May 2008. After the closure of local companies and the slashing of 25,000 jobs a Free Trade Zone was established in Wałbrzych in the year… Read more »

Caravan at 1st of May Protest : Feminist Block


For 1st of May 2015, the Caravan was in Vienna and join the traditionnal protest for Workers’ rights, with the feminist block in the protest. On first video, you can see the powerfull feminist batucada of Vienna : On the second video, same batoucada … joining with turkish block in the protest :

Beyond Borders Performance in Sofia

Fem Van   Saturday September 26th, 2015   No Comments on Beyond Borders Performance in Sofia
Beyond Borders

Beyond Borders: Linking Our Stories started as a peace-building initiative between  Turkish and Armenian women in 2012. The group has used storytelling, non-verbal communication, body-movement and performance art as methods to build trust and solidarity among women across the closed Turkish-Armenian border.  In the spring of 2015 the group joined the Feminist Caravan in Bulgaria and shared their methods with… Read more »