Turkey / Kurdistan

CARAVAN PROGRAM (from 6 to 17 march 2015)serra-akcan_F9B9601

Caravan program Kurdistan/Turkey

The diary of a french women feminist activist


♦ ITW Ayse, a kurdish women who move to France 15 years ago to escape turkish state violence : Listen the interview.

♦ ITW Muqqa Ades, a kurdish and english teacher : Listen

♦ ITW Abeer Hassaf, a kurdish women from Syria : Listen the interview

♦ Manifest read by KJA Ecology Comission in the Talaytepe City Forest in Diyarbakir (Amed) – 9th of March 2015, after the planting trees activity : read the Manifest

Intervention of Nursel Kilic about kurdish women in Tours (France)


♦ Meet the Wiches of campus :

Kampüs Cadıları

Article “They’re right to be afraid”


Ahmetler village people fight : a victory against the construction of an hydro-electric powerplant


Barbara’s trip in the caravan

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