Parada de la Caravana en Bucarest

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bucarest_01Programme of the Event in Bucarest, at Centrul Claca*, 28th – 29th March 2015

Sábado 28 de marzo. Encuentro con mujeres Rom en el espacio activista Centrul Claca: , con testimonios y debastes con Elena Garofita Rupa, Mihaela Dragan y Giorgiana Lincan sobre la situación de las mujeres en las comunidades Rom de Rumania, matrimonios precoces y mujeres Rom activistas.

29th of March
Discussion: Romanian women in social movements and grassroots organization
From unceasing involvement in the „Save Roşia Montană” movement to the fight for housing rights that is on the rise now in Romania, from socially and politically conscious street art to non-formal education, from community organization to keeping alive autonomous spaces, Romanian women are working and fighting in the frontline for political awareness and social justice. Women from various struggles and causes will be invited to share their stories, with a focus on their specific conditions and visions as women in a male-dominated society.

*Centrul Claca is a community-organized independent center, with an anti-capitalist, anti-racist, queer-feminist positioning. In Romanian, the word „claca” means a group of people doing voluntary, spontaneous and free work, helping each other. Centrul Claca is organizing and/or hosting activities organized by other collectives: free-shops, political cinema viewing, a feminist reading group, alternative library, meetings of The Common Front for Housing Rights and Rhythms of Resistance Bucharest, etc.

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