Evening in Adelante, Sofia

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Evening in Adelante, self managed social-center in Sofia

Not enough time was available for us to spend and share with Bulgarian activist women, but a fruitful public event was organised in Adelante, a self-managed social center in Sofia. The center offers various political and cultural activities, as well as support for migrants, language courses, etc. At this center you can also find products made by self-managed factories from the region, a free-shop and a cafeteria.We had received help from some of the active feminists of this center during our time in Sofia.

The evening consisted of three parts : 1st we saw a performance prepared by the Beyond Borders group (see more here), performed by 2 Tukish women together with 2 Armenian women. In the 2nd part we presented the path of the Caravan, showing pictures taken on the road and talking about the women and struggles we met on the way. And 3rd, an open discussion was held, which consisted of 2 parts: a discussion about the Caravan’s experiences, mostly around the Kurdish women’s movement and fight, and a second part centered more on Bulgarian women’s social struggles.

Adelante Center, Sofia

It was a very nice evening. The discussion we had on the Kurdish movement was made in a free feminist climate, most of people present shared their ideas and questions regarding what may be one of the most hope giving struggles (the Kurdish struggle) in the world these days. Together we questioned strategies the women of the movement have as a means of gaining power and changing society, the links with ecology, the contradiction for some around militarisation and peace activism and a women’s army, our understanding of the concept of jyneology…

In the second part of this discussion we asked questions to our sisters living in Bulgaria. We understood the limitations that feminists face in lack of an active movement (no feminist or women protest have been organised for many years in the country). In any case, the lack of childcare facilities, or how expensive and/or full such facilities are if they exist have come across some resistance in society by activists. We learned that in Bulgaria abortion is legal within 12 weeks of pregnancy, but it is not free and can be quite expensive, costing approximately half of the minimum monthly salary. This means that abortion is still a very real issue for women from poor backgrounds who might not be able to access to it under safe conditions.

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