The Feminist Caravan in Hunsrück’s festival

P1150291This year activists from the Feminist Caravan had opportnity to attend the last Intercultural Women’s music festival in Hunsrück, in Germany. The first festival began in 1994 and it continued to live for 20 years being organized every second year. For everyone who has ever been in Hunsrück it is clear that it is a celebration by and for women with the special atmosphere of freedom and openness that is hard to describe.

Vast green meadow with hundreds of women and lesbians walking around, laughing, chatting, meeting old and new friends, swimming naked in a small stream sends the image of another world in which sexism and misogyny don’t have space and women are free of all clamps of patriarchal society. P1150240

During the day women are spending time doing various things together and in the evening everyone pours in the tent for concerts to enjoy wonderful music of women only bands. The musicians and artists are welcome to find an open space. Here, up-and-coming musicians stand on stage next to the well-established acts. It is clear that it is of great importance, that the artists on stage share their personal desires, their views of the world, their herstories and their culture, as well as their poverty and wealth – not least through their own lyrics.

It is particularly amazing and wonderful that this is a space where all these diverse women can really feel comfortable. And besides creative, communicative and cheerful atmosphere, this is welcoming and accessible place, which as result of enormous infrastructural work became well adjusted for women with different kinds of disabilities. Also all the time during a festival there was a sign language interpreter so women who can’t hear were able to follow the lyrics.P1150272

Women Music Festival in Hunsrück, unfortunately, wont be organized anymore after this year but it surely showed s that another world is possible. One where women can encounter between cultures, and different world views, between social classes, countryside and city, between women with differing abilities and life realities, where we can learn about another and change our lives.

Jodie Roy

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