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The feminist Caravan is an original form of Action which consisted in a physical Caravan (one or more vehicules) who crossed Europe from the 6th of March to the 17th of October 2015. A group of feminist activists from different countries were living in the Caravan by turn, meeting with women who organised locally the events and gathering documentations about women struggles.

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The feminist Caravan was the form chosen by the World March of Women for its 4th international Action. Find more about the World March of Women here.


The Feminist Caravan was made possible with the dedication of the young women activist in the Network of Young Feminist of Europe (see more here). It is with the strength of years of cross-borders feminist practices together that we could organise this big Action in so short time, and with quite small means.

Longer informations about the Feminist Caravan :

We launch a crowdfunding campaign before the beggining of the Action, that allowed us to raise some money : find there informations and video made before the beggining of the Caravan.

A radio interview (1 hour), made in Vienna, in german and english.

A video interview, made in Croatia, in english.

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