The Network of Young Feminists of Europe

In 2011, a group of young feminists activ in the World March of Women in Europe decided to organise a summer camp for young women feminists in the region. A first Camp (see the Call below) was organised in France in July 2011, where about 65 young women from 12 different countries gathered and self-managed perfa camp alltogether. A Manifesto was written collectivelly during the Summer Camp.

It led to the creation of the Network of young Feminists of Europe, who continued its actvities : organisation of a second Summer camp in august 2012 in Romania, and of a third Summer Camp in Portugal in august 2013. The Network also had had activities in winter with gathering around various issues. A specific work was done by the Network around the question of Abortion. You can read here the statement that was written :

Télécharger (PDF, 234KB)

Other texts from the Network of Young Feminists of Europe :

Call for the first Summer Camp (2011):

Télécharger (PDF, 215KB)

Manifesto of Young Feminists of Europe (2011):

Télécharger (PDF, 1.59MB)

Declaration about Migration, written in 2nd Camp, Romania, 2012 :

Télécharger (PDF, 32KB)

And videos ….

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