Witches of campus – Kampüs Cadıları

On March 10, 2015, the Feminist Caravan was in Antakya, Turkey

With their big, pointed purple hats and their feminist chants, the Campus Witches (Kampüs Cadıları in Turkish) do not go unnoticed in the demonstration’s procession. We set off to meet them.IMG_20150310_143652_063

Kampüs Cadıları is an organization created by female students to enable women to self-organize, shed light on and fight violence and harassment of women in universities. Several groups have been founded in the past three years, in Istanbul, Antakya, Adana and Izmir.

These feminists and anti-capitalists lead actions against rape, the murder of women, control over women’s bodies, street harassment, and so on. They denounce sexism in education and the university system and work to build solidarity between women and to create spaces for women to denounce these different forms of violence.

These witches demand the right to higher education and to jobs that allow them to live independently. They reject the dictates of marriage, family and the role imposed upon them by society.

affiche sorcières du campusIn the space of three years, they have managed to rally a large number of young women around some very radical demands. They participate visibly and dynamically in feminist demonstrations, organize actions in the streets, as well as sit-ins, on March 8 (International Women’s Day), November 25 (International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women), Valentine’s Day, and even Halloween!

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KADER ORTAKAYA, an assassinated witch

During the rally in Antakya, they held up signs bearing the image of Kader Ortakaya and talked to us about the young woman, a member of the Campus Witches. Kader was killed by the Turkish army last November, when she tried to reach the town of Kobani where she would join fellow protesters.IMG_20150310_144228_615

Marion Lafon

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